Working in the terminal entirely is an incredibly efficient workflow when done appropriately. Periodically I stop what I'm doing and think...

Can I work more efficiently?

There are most generally multiple projects worked on at a time, multiple tasks simultaneously running for those projects, some of which are commonly moved between to edit things. I've had conversations with a coworker recently about 'tmux sessions' vs 'tmux windows' and we came to a conclusion.

Tmux windows are workspaces, sessions are for projects.

With this distinction, we use those workspaces or windows as 'tabs' like we would traditional virtual desktops or virtual workspaces in Linux. The collection of those workspaces is a session. Originally I was using iTerm2 to collect a session but recently realized I almost never switch iTerm2 tabs when they contain a session instead of a window as my activity within a session lasts much longer than it does in a window. There is only one last thing to say to distinguish why 'TMUX' sessions are better than iTerm2 tabs.

TMUX can resume sessions after restarting a computer using the popular plugin 'tmux-resurrect'.