Last week I updated the npm module slush-jugs to include support for a more robust script compilation system using Webpack inside of Gulp. This will allow us to have a commons module that automatically pulls out any vendor-specific code that might be duplicated across the application and separate it into it's own file. This is also important if we don't want to constantly update cached versions of vendor assets on users computers when all they need to do is update the smaller footprint of the actual application code that was updated. Below are a list of all the changes in the latest version.

  • Commons Chunk now utilized in Webpack
  • Now using a common .eslintrc for linting
  • Outputting to the console more specific errors
  • Now cleaning out the 'dist' folder before compilation
  • PostCSS now being used
  • AutoPrefixer now being used with PostCSS
  • Added Gulp Bump so that 'gulp patch' 'gulp feature' and 'gulp release' now increment the package.json version and create an annotated git tag, all using semantic versioning.