Kepler452b is available for Windows, Linux & MacOS. Enjoy a roguelike with one of 8 classes, 5 unique worlds, beautiful graphics by Oryx, music by Scott Buckley & Sergey Cheremisinov, 28 unique enemies, 101 supervisors to modify your gameplay, a story and much more! Whether you prefer to sneak around and backstab with the assassin, use a flamethrower as a pyrotechnic or grapple enemies to you and poison them, there's bound to be a play style you will enjoy!

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After decending from the heliopad atop Avery Center of Microbiology, it's clear that today it isn't business as usual
There are over a hundred different supervisors chosen at random that alter the way the game is played each time.
The captain is noticed by a carapace AMP, known for their hunger and devastating damage within melee range.
Good news: a quest item is nearby, Bad news: an overlord guards it.
The game can get incredibly difficult, money is sent wirelessly up to the orbiting ship Yuri. You can either spend that money to upgrade your recruits between playing at the title screen or while your recruit is on the ground if you can find a wireless terminal room.
Ah, the void lord. A sure-fire way to get completely destroyed in one hit. Looks like the doctor will retire early.
The orbiters monitor hallways very carefully, be sure to keep your hall pass on you!