Kepler452b will be releasing for free in 2020 on Windows, Linux & MacOS. Enjoy a roguelike with one of 8 classes, 5 unique worlds, beautiful graphics and sound by Oryx, 28 unique enemies and a story! Whether you prefer to sneak around and backstab with the assassin, use a flamethrower as a pyrotechnic or grapple enemies to you and poison them, there's bound to be a play style you will enjoy! Now let's dim the lights for a moment, lean back and briefly enter this new world.

You are on the Cygnas System exploration regiment, sent 1400 light-years away from Earth to explore and take samples from the planet Kepler-452b, a super earth exoplanet in the habitable zone of a G2 star discovered 827 years ago today on August 23rd, 2015. You are one of 5 captains, your battalion having been the last to wake from cold sleep. The E-Class Starship Yuri has been orbiting K452b for almost 10 years now and communications with First Battalion at the forward operating base have been unanswered for the last two weeks.
The terminal manifest has uprooted audio logs of battalion staff officers having to suppress rumors of creatures native to K452b being grown and dissected. The only lead scientist aboard Yuri has noted that for the past 4 months the planet has begun to pulse strong wave emulsions that could directly be interfering with any wide-band communications.
Upon setting boots on ground, it's clear that the entire forward operating base has been compromised. In order to return home you have to retrieve all missing ship access keys from the other four captains. Gain the upper hand by acquiring more intel or methodically destroy any opposition to gain power. Command your team to whatever style suits you. It will take many lives to restore the balance, it'll only take a few to escape.