So i've always been a fan of convention over configuration. Let that preface my switching from the dredges of grunt configuration files to the (magnificent) gulp streaming build system. Now shifting my reasons aside (there are many,) I looked long and hard for a generator system that was as paired to Gulp as Yeoman was to Grunt. One common problem with these systems is that JS is upgrading and morphing so quickly, it's hard to keep a system that doesn't get outdated too quickly. I firmly believe that Gulp stands behind the core beliefs of the promises methodology that has been surging into ES6, as well as the async and await. The piping system just feels.... so good.

At any rate, I created a generator for the slush scaffolding system called Slush JUGS which stands for [J]ade [Ug]lify [S]tylus. It can both use the Nib plugin for stylus or the newer (and better/complete imho) Kouto-Swiss. The generator is aimed towards gaming, as it sets up a basic app that starts up with a full-screen canvas of a female shirt with animated dollars. There are some basic jade partials and stylus templates, it's all mostly bare-bones though to just jump start a simple gaming experiment or what-not. Hopefully it's helpful to somebody. You can git clone it from here.