This simple two player game starts with each player having a different colored set of 8 cards. Each card will have random points distributed around its corners and sides - these points may range from 0-2. The players take turns setting a single card on an open slot on the 4x4 board. If the card they set down has an adjacent card of the opposite player near it (called PEERS), we compare the numbers on that matching corner and side.

If the active players matching corner or side number is less than the opponents then nothing happens, if it is greater than the opponents then the opponents card changes color to the active players (called CONVERSION). Finally, if the opponents matching number is the same as the active players then a COTERIE happens. When a COTERIE happens, the active player takes the opponents PEER, and then any PEERS connected to the taken card that has a lower touching number or matching number, which would cause another COTERIE. After a COTERIE occurs, the card has all points reduced by one. COTERIES have a tendency to CASCADE so special attention should be made to keep this in mind.

You can play it here

Space Invaders

You can play it here
This was a simple experiment to show off the capabilities of ion-cloud library for npm. The npm module for creating this game is available here.